Synthonia Scout Group

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Welcome to the Home Page of the Synthonia Scout Group. We are a well established Scout Group, located oposite the Billingham Rugby Club, on Greenwood Road in Billingham, we have a proud history of Providing the Scouting experiance, to the youth of Billingham and surrounding areas, for some 89 years.


With in the Group we currently run a Beaver Scout Colony (age 6-8) a Cub Scout Pack (age 8 - 10.5) and a Scout Troop (10.5 - 14.5). We currently have a large awaiting list to join the Beaver Scouts and we have just started a waiting list to join Cub Scouts. There is currently a few spaces to join Scouts.


If you are interested in Joing the Group please complete the form on the contact us page and i will get back to you as soon as i can.


When you come allong to the group, we invite you to join us for 3 weeks for free, to see is scouting with Synthonia is what you want to do. Then if you decide to join the Group full time, there is a £20 Jining fee, which pays for all your badges, and a green and white necker to wear roung your neck. Also after the 3 weeks trial period you can get a uniform. This is explained in the various section booklet from the liks above.


We have a monthly subscription fee, which is worked out at £3 per week, which we ask you to pay in advance using our online Collection service called MYscout. MYSCOUT also keeps you upto date with the progress of your Child through scouting.


If you feel you would like to give Scouting with Synthonia Scout Group a go, please complete the form on the contact us page. We look forward to hearing from you, hope to see you soon.


Mark Anderson

Group Scout Leader

Synthonia Scout Group