Synthonia Scout Group

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The Synthonia Scout Group

1928 until now

The Synthonia Scout Troop first met on 12th April 1928. One year later the Scout Troop had grown to 48 Scouts.

The Synthonia Scout group was a sponsored group.


Until the late 1980s, we were sponsored by the ICI Agricultural Division, originally called Synthetic Ammonia and Nitrates Ltd.


It was from this name that the word Synthonia was formed.


The first cub meeting was held in 1930, and the Senior Scouts (Ventures) soon after. And in May 1958 the Group moved into its present headquarters, on Greenwood Road.


Beaver Scouting began in 1982, And the latest changes took place in 2002 with the introduction of the Explorer scouts replacing the Venture Scout Unit.


The Explorers age from 14 years to 18 years. After the age of 18 the explorers can join the network section,

become the groups future leaders.

A Brief History

of the Scout Movement

The Scout Movement was the idea of a man called Baden Powell.


Baden Powell returned to England from the Boer War, as a hero, after defending the small town of Mafeking.


Upon his return he discovered that many boys and young men were reading his book ‘Aids to Scouting’. This book was initial intended as a military training manual.


Baden Powell then started the Scout Movement, and held the first Scout camp on Brownsea Island, where he tried out a number of activities, with a group of boys from London.


Shortly after that he wrote the book ‘Scouting for Boys’ which was published in 1908. Scouting for boys is now in fourth place in the all time best sellers list.


Scouting now has 25million members world wide. And is active in all but 5 countries in the world. All in all it is believed that the total members over the last 90 years of Scouting is somewhere in the region of half-a-billion boys, and now girls.