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What is Cub Scouting?


Cub Scouts are young people usually aged Between 8 and 10½ years old. They belong to the Second of 4 sections in the Scouting family. Young

people can join Cub scouts in the three months leading up to their 8th birthday. They can move to the next section, Scouts, between ten and ten years six months.

Synthonia Cub Scouts meet on a Thursday night in the Synthonia Scout Hut on Greenwood Road. We start at 6.15pm and finish at 7.45pm.

We do lots and lots of things: Cub Scouts enjoy making friends, playing games, making things, going on visits, and helping others, we have parties. We also do things like archery, canoeing and sailing.


We go camping in tents and there is also a family weekend once a year where our mums, dads, brothers and sisters can come along.


When we arrive on a Thursday night, we split up into small groups called sixes and we work as a team to complete the activities set by the leaders. Each six has some one in charge called a sixer and he has a helper called a seconder.


Our Cub Scout Promise is:

I promise to do my best,

To do my duty, to god and to the Queen.

To help other people.

And to keep the Cub Scout Law.


The Cub Scout Motto is: Be Prepared

There are lots of different badges that we can work towards while joining in with the Cub Scout activities, including a badge for swimming. You can get more information onall the badges available from your leader.

Nothing Yet!

First of all we would like you to come down to Cubs for 3 weeks to see if you enjoy yourself. Then if you decide you have had lots of fun and would like to join, ask your mum or dad to fill in the Joining Form and bring it with you to your next Cub night.


The Cub Scout Uniform Uniform consists of :

a Green sweatshirt,

navy blue activity: trousers or shorts.

The Group Scarf (a green & white)


Uniforms can be bought from a number of places, any shop that sells school uniforms usually sell the beaver, cub & Scout Uniforms as well. There are Also two Scout shops in the area that sell uniforms, ask a leader for information or you can even buy your uniforms on line, www. has a link to the scout shops were you can buy other scouting & camping equipment.


Outdoors sell the uniforms at the following price:

Cub Polo Shirt £10.00 or Cub Sweatshirt £11.00 and Activity

trousers £16. These prices can be beaten if you shop around.

We Won't Break The Bank!

What it costs to join the Cub Scouts:

There is a small joining fee of £20.00 this joining fee pays for the following item:

Cub Scout Power Pack

Group Scarf (Neckerchief)

Initial Badges (Synthonia Badge, Teesvalley North Badge, Cleveland Badge & World Scout Badge)


The subscription fees are £3 per week, which you can pay at the beginning of the month or at the start of each term, these fees are payable for every week (even if you don’t attend you will be asked to pay any arrears), This pays for the National Scout Capitation fee (insurance), and for the running costs of the Scout Group (Cub Scout resources & craft materials, electricity, heating, water & maintenance)


Please note: The Scout Group has to raise all its own money to continue to provide the scouting

experience for young people, We get no money from the government, we are not funded in any way. And the leaders do not get paid for all the long hard work they put in, we are all volunteers.



Moving On


When a Cub Scout reaches the age of 10½ its time for him to move up to the Scout section.


A new award has been introduced Called ‘The moving-on award’. This badge has been set up to help with the transfer from the Cub Scout Section to the Scout Troop.


All the Cub Scout has to do to gain this award is attend 3 Scout troop meetings, while still attending the Cub section and learn how the Scout section operates. For example. A small group of Scouts is known as a Patrol, which has a Patrol Leader and Assistant Patrol Leader.








For more information Call:

Mark Anderson

Group Scout Leader

Tel: 07854508757